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5 Easy Steps to a Plastic-Free Bathroom

One of the first places, I took action in during my personal journey towards a less wasteful lifestyle is the bathroom. At a very early stage, my transition began already when becoming more conscious about ingredients in cosmetics and care products. I started to only use shampoo and other products made of natural constituents, because I wasn't happy with using chemicals anymore. And eventually, I found out for myself that making your very own products and/or deciding for longer-lasting versions is not nearly as complicated or time-consuming as I had expected. Therefore, I'd like to share 5 very easy ways of changing your bathroom habits in favor of the zero-waste lifestyle.

1. Soap Instead of Body Wash My mom always bought sweet-smelling, colorful shower gels when I couldn't decide what to buy for myself yet. And of course, I kept on using the same kind of body wash for a very long time. At the same time, I remember that my grandma always used this particular bar of soap …

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